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Brazil Nuts have become one of the hottest foods for health and cancer prevention.  They are rich in bioavailable selenium.  This anticancer superfood has been shown to significantly reduce advance prostate cancer disease.  In rigorous university studies it was shown that just two unshelled Brazil Nuts contained enough selenium to have dramatic impacts on prostate tumors, as well as colorectal cancers.  It was also shown that the daily intake of even a small amount of Brazil Nuts resulted in a 39% reduction in cancer deaths.  The selenium in the superfood has also been shown to have a protective affect against breast cancer.  If that wasn't enough, selenium is also proven to fortify the immune system against bacterial and viral infections.
Raw Shelled Brazil Nuts, 2 Pounds Bag by We Got Nuts
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Brazil Nuts have numerous health benefits, and are quickly becoming recognized as more than just a snack.  These nuts are now considered an anticancer superfood.  They are one of the densest food sources of bioavailable selenium.  In a significant study conducted at the prestigious Cornell University and the University of Arizona, 200 mcg of selenium daily (attainable in just two unshelled Brazil nuts) "resulted in 63 percent fewer prostate tumors, 58 percent fewer colorectal cancers, 46 percent fewer lung malignancies, and a 39 percent overall decrease in cancer deaths."  Buy here

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) is a toxic substance released by many kinds of nonstick cookware.  Unless you've recently purchased cookware specifically labeled "PFOA-free", it's likely your nonstick pots and pans are releasing this dangerous chemical.  PFOA and Teflon have been identified as "likely to be carcinogenic" and is slowly being phased out over a growing concern for their potential to cause cancer.  A superior, safer alternative to Teflon is Anodized PFOA-Free Titanium.  Everyone in the kitchen loves this collection.  One of the highest rated cookware sets at 4.6 Stars.  Buy here.

Jan 6, 2017:  Federal court finds DuPont liable for $10.5 million in PFOA cancer case.  (Source)

Many of the most harmful, carcinogenic items in your home come from things that you come into contact every day.  Plastics, fragrances, shampoos, soaps, makeup, and more, often contain unregulated chemicals that continuously get absorbed through the skin and potentially lead to cancer.  Pure castile soap can replace many of those cancerous household items, and simplify what's in your closet.  It contains no parabens, SLS, triclosan, and is a luxurious cleaner for the body, hair, and almost anything around house.  In your quest for cancer prevention, the soap is one of the best and economical investments you can make.  With estrogen dependent cancers on the rise, the soap can minimize exposure to cancer-causing xenoestrogens.  Anyone who is concerned about breast cancer would benefit from this product, not only for its versatility but also for its organic purity.  It is a fantastic natural, anticancer "supplement" that contains minimal, trusted ingredients.
Dr. Bronner's Pure-Castile Liquid Soap - Peppermint 25oz
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This versatile soap contains nothing but vegan and organic ingredients, and can be used as a luxurious cleaner for the body, hair, and nearly everything around the house.  No synthetic detergents whatsoever.  Users are passionate about how wonderful this soap is.  Do you know what's in your soap and shampoo?  If your current products contain sodium lauryl sulfate, phthalates, parabens, antibacterial agents like triclosan, then you're potentially exposing your family to cancer-causing, hormone-disrupting chemicals.  Replace all those questionable items with this one bottle.  Simple, affordable, healthy.  Buy here.

Ample documentation exists about the widespread contamination of drinking water across the country.  Everything from lead to the increasingly common chromium-6 is plaguing our water systems, where numerous carcinogens are showing up in people's homes through the tap.  While store-bought water filters are not 100% safeguards, they have been documented to significantly reduce several cancerous substances.  The substances are known to cause various types of cancer, including breast cancer, prostate cancer, and leukemia.  Even if a municipal source generates clean water, the water has to travel through miles of pipes that are likely to be contaminated with carcinogens in one form or another.  A basic water filter offers a final layer of cancer protection after the water travels.  Considering the large amounts water we drink every day from the tap, it's highly recommended to filter water before drinking it.  It's also a good idea to supplement with detoxifiers like calcium d-glucarate (CDG)
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Diatomaceous Earth Food Grade 10 Lbs   #1 Top Product
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Diatomaceous Earth is one of those wonder products from nature that seems to be formed perfectly to serve human needs in amazing ways.  Made from tiny, fossilized diatoms that took thousands of years to form, this "earth" feels like a fine talc powder, and can be used in hundreds of ways, from treating various ailments to household pest control.  It's the latter that we are focusing on here, as we recommend Diatomaceous Earth (food grade!) as a replacement to household pesticides, which have been linked to a variety of cancers, including prostate, leukemia, and lymphoma.  The 700+ rave reviews speak for themselves.  Buy here.

WATCH:  The Amazing Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth on Youtube

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